In The Garden  Dedicated to mothers and the great mother

Released May 2020

Bathe in the enchanting soaring vocals of Kimberly Haynes in her exquisite new single release, “In The Garden”. This hymn is my adaptation of a gospel song written in 1912 by American songwriter C. Austin Miles, a former pharmacist who served as editor and manager at Hall-Mack publishers for 37 years. According to Miles’ great-granddaughter, the song was written “in a cold, dreary and leaky basement in Pitman, New Jersey that didn’t even have a window in it let alone a view of a garden.” The garden really is within….. I adapted the song to reflect an honoring our Great Mother Earth, our human mothers, and our spiritual mothers, all of whom give so much to us all, The Great Mother Earth leading by example. Here is my tribute to The Mother.

In The Garden video




A Christmas Trilogy EP  In four parts

Released Nov. 2019

Extraordinary arrangements of the holiday classics “O Holy Night”, “A Christmas Song” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” with a touching remake of “In The Garden” to round it off.

Featuring Producer/Multi instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli on various instruments.

Produced by Kimberly Haynes and David Vito Gregoli


“Once again Kimberly Haynes delivers touching and powerful performances with some unique arrangements of the most classic holiday songs. Expertly executed production and a sure-fire favorite. Highly recommended!”  – Amazon



Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas video

In The Garden video 


In Dreams  Music to dream by

Released June 2018

kimberly haynes - in dreamsBathe in the enchanting soaring vocals of Kimberly Haynes in her exquisite new release, “In Dreams”.  With songs in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Sanskrit and Portuguese, the listener will be irresistibly drawn into the heart space with unique and lilting versions of familiar, beloved songs and prayers. The vibrant instrumentation will enchant you with charango, sansula, medicine drums, didjeridu, monolina and other instruments both exotic and familiar. an album born out of many nights of prayer with beloved sisters and brothers. Bringing these specials songs and chants to a wider audience is such a gift, and my hope is that they will stir the soul of the listener as deeply as they have stirred my own.”

Pinta video





You’re The One EP  ReAwakened Remixes

The EP features a new radio edit of “You’re The One That I Want/Govinda Jaya”, a brand new dance/chill version of the album title song “Awaken Me (Global Mix)” and “Do I Dare (Earth Mix)” from the award winning Awaken Me album.

Featuring performances by Byron Metcalf, Aeb Byrne, Christo Pellani, Jamie Papish, Butto, Garreth Laffely, Cooper Madison Lanier,  and co-producer David Vito Gregoli.





Awaken Me  Songs from the heart of a seeker

Thoughtful and Inspiring, diverse and illuminating, a blissful journey for the soul. Singer-songwriter Kimberly Haynes draws from various musical styles to create a beautiful mosaic of authentic and joyful stories.

“Kimberly paints musical portraits from a diverse palette of influences…Her expressive voice ranges from soft to soaring with thoughtful and inspiring lyrics that touch the heart and illuminate the spiritual quest.”
– Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus

Featuring performances by Multiple Grammy® nominee Peter Kater, Tina Malia, Byron Metcalf, Jesus Florido and Ken Stacey.