Oct 2016

Well, that was totally epic! October 1st at Full Circle Venice

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Well, that was totally epic!

Thank you to everyone who came out!
I am it total disbelief of how you all came out and celebrated with me!

Just wow….. I am truly speechless and in humble gratitude that I get to do something I absolutely love and that you all love it too.

Big gratitude to the band of Eleven:
Jesus Florido – violin
Larry Steen – bass
Christo Pellani – drums/percussion
Michel Tyabji – percussion
Jeff Andrews – dulcimer/kartals
George Landress – keyboard, techie stuff
Joanne Lazzaro – flutes
Elinor Sitrish – vocals
Nichol Joy Chase – vocals
…and my partner in crime
Vito Gregoli – musical director/guitars


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Bathe in the sublime and soothing sounds of the songs of Kimberly Haynes. Kimberly expresses her musical art in a synthesis of uplifting songs in the style of world, folk, pop and sacred chanting in the languages of English, Sanskrit, and Hebrew. You will be swept away by Kimberly's enrapturing sonic portals into the heart space.

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