Kim is a true medicine woman, and one of the greatest ways Spirit moves through her is through her voice.
I humbly ask you to please contribute whatever you can, however big or small, to help her make this vision a reality.
The world will be that much better for having her work come forward.
Be a part of a healing offering to the world. Every heart her voice will touch will also be touched by you for assisting her now.
Without community, everything feels more bleak. Come! Be a part of this community. Share your love.
When one of us brings our healing vision forward, momentum is gathered for all of us!


Kimberly ~ It was so special being with you at our friend’s recent healing ceremony.  Your singing is sacred and holy.   You crack open hearts with your voice.  I am convinced that a main reason why her healing was powerful is due to your gifts of your voice. (The ceremony facilitator) said it was the most powerful healing ever….what a gift for her on her B Day.

Everyone was deeply touched, moved, and brought to tears as you sang (and this includes the unseen ones too).

It’s as if you started singing as her healing started and at the end you sang also.. you are a gift that molds sacred moments.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the healing journey on Thursday.

Thank You From All Of Me

Ellen Freeman

Ellen Freeman

Kim, you would think it had happened before this, and in small ways I’m sure it did.
My mother was a concert pianist and played with the Navy band (before she went inside herself and never really came back out),
so I remember her paying songs like “Claire Delune”, and “Oh Danny Boy”, and having it really calm me.
And my ex husband was a singer, songwriter musician who wrote some amazing ballads that always touched my soul.
But you singing You Are Light during ceremony, is when I believe music healed me from the inside out.
Since hearing your voice for the first time, and all the amazing icarus, I feel music in a whole new way
~~ Sheri Price Lawson

Sheri Lawson

Kimberly Haynes is an extraordinary musician, experienced healer and overall awesome human being, and she is currently in the process of recording her debut album!!
I’ve had the privilege of making music with her over the past few months and it has been an absolute joy for me to do so.
Kimberly is the kind of musician who inspires anyone she makes music with to give their very best and play from a deeply connected, genuine place.
I’ve heard so many people go up to her after she sings a song and say something like “That was one of the most moving performances I’ve ever heard!”
…To say the least, her music carries an incredible amount of emotional depth and artistry, and it comes from a place of profound intention and inspiration!
If you listen to her title track “Light of My Soul” you’ll know what I am talking about.”
~~ Nick McMennamin

Nick McMennamin