Kim is a true medicine woman, and one of the greatest ways Spirit moves through her is through her voice.
I humbly ask you to please contribute whatever you can, however big or small, to help her make this vision a reality.
The world will be that much better for having her work come forward.
Be a part of a healing offering to the world. Every heart her voice will touch will also be touched by you for assisting her now.
Without community, everything feels more bleak. Come! Be a part of this community. Share your love.
When one of us brings our healing vision forward, momentum is gathered for all of us!
~~ Raveina

Kimberly ~ It was so special being with you at our friend’s recent healing ceremony.  Your singing is sacred and holy.   You crack open hearts with your voice.  I am convinced that a main reason why her healing was powerful is due to your gifts of your voice. (The ceremony facilitator) said it was the most powerful healing ever….what a gift for her on her B Day.

Everyone was deeply touched, moved, and brought to tears as you sang (and this includes the unseen ones too).

It’s as if you started singing as her healing started and at the end you sang also.. you are a gift that molds sacred moments.

I feel so blessed to be a part of the healing journey on Thursday.

Thank You From All Of Me

Ellen Freeman

Kimberly Haynes’ “Light of My Soul” is a heartfelt expression of inner grace in song, of finding the path to let light her shine – which she surely does.
Kimberly’s voice, is beautiful, fluid and uplifting to the ear, such that it allows one to be transported easily and joyfully to those uppermost realms – as a bird reaches and soars for higher climbs of light.
It is a magical song, at times I heard a whisper of Joni Mitchell or Sarah McLachlan perhaps but, in the end it is Kimberley’s own unique voice and expression that leaves its imprint. The production is as lyrical and inspired as the artist and the song itself, so kudos to David Vito Gregoli.  I am truly looking forward to hearing the whole album and their creative journey. So glad that the support of many has allowed for a way to let this body of work be made – for the world is bound to embrace and love it!
Onward …
~~ Aeone

Kim, you would think it had happened before this, and in small ways I’m sure it did.
My mother was a concert pianist and played with the Navy band (before she went inside herself and never really came back out),
so I remember her paying songs like “Claire Delune”, and “Oh Danny Boy”, and having it really calm me.
And my ex husband was a singer, songwriter musician who wrote some amazing ballads that always touched my soul.
But you singing You Are Light during ceremony, is when I believe music healed me from the inside out.
Since hearing your voice for the first time, and all the amazing icarus, I feel music in a whole new way
~~ Sheri Price Lawson

I have another review for you from the music I received from the ZMRs. This comes from another digital download card I received from a beautiful vocalist her name is Kimberly Haynes. She has a very captivating voice.
One that I really enjoyed listening to. She also has a wonderful story about her journey to share her music with us.
The song I listened to is ” Light of My Soul”. She reminds me a little bit of Carly Simon.
The song is a personal account of her finding the light within. I really enjoyed the uplifting message, and the production is well done.
I’ve played it on my big sound system and right now I am listening again via my computer.
Truly a joy to listen to. She currently has a Kickstarter project. If you like what you hear, join her project! Good luck Kimberly, and thank you for sharing with me!
~~ Kori Caruthers

Finally had a chance to sit down, close my eyes and listen to “Light of My Soul”, no baby or hubby to distract me…. to say that I was moved would clearly be an understatement.
The beauty of your voice Kim and the words that you so perfectly sang transported me back to my youth and reminded me of how free and powerful our souls truly are.
This is definitely not an amateur performance by yourself or the instrumental background. A 10++ song and performance. Soar my Queen, soar!!!
~~ Cindy Persaud

A perfect blend of angelic voice, stick-in-your-heart song, personal yet universal message and magical collaboration with producer Vito Gregoli…I found myself unable to get the beautiful melody out of my head all day so I called Vito and sang it to him…can’t wait to hear to hear the whole album in its entirety.
Go Kimberly and Vito, GO!! Kickstart this project to the moon, heavens and beyond…
She is a wonderful and deserving artist and their collaboration is inspiring and magical…I can’t wait to follow in their footsteps down the road!!
~~ Kimberlye Gold

Shout out and support to KH.  I have had the honor of sitting w/ her in c and hearing her amazing angleic healing voice – a transmission of light and love and true healing.
To support her and see her bring her gift and vision to the world in a full length album, well, its more than just making her dream come true, its really ushering in light, healing, love and beauty so needed in our world.
I believe that the more people we have doing what she’s doing the more light and love we will all have lifting us all up.”
~~ Julia Casillas

Kimberly is an amazing soul. An amazing woman. An amazing spirit. The music is glorious.
She has the voice of an angel (…from sweet to fiery,) and she is not just a singer.
She has crafted these words and created these melodies which are deep and original.
~~ Arva Rose

In “Light of My Soul”, Kimberly Haynes generously shares a secret with us.
It an intimate and honest viewpoint from within her soul, sharing the brilliant light that shines within her.
It’s beautiful in its simplicity and honesty, an unadorned but powerful message that each of us can have that power and light if we simply take the time to find it.
Beautifully sung and produced, this song promises us an album that will both illuminate and inspire. ~~ Al Jewer

Kimberly Haynes is an extraordinary musician, experienced healer and overall awesome human being, and she is currently in the process of recording her debut album!!
I’ve had the privilege of making music with her over the past few months and it has been an absolute joy for me to do so.
Kimberly is the kind of musician who inspires anyone she makes music with to give their very best and play from a deeply connected, genuine place.
I’ve heard so many people go up to her after she sings a song and say something like “That was one of the most moving performances I’ve ever heard!”
…To say the least, her music carries an incredible amount of emotional depth and artistry, and it comes from a place of profound intention and inspiration!
If you listen to her title track “Light of My Soul” you’ll know what I am talking about.”
~~ Nick McMennamin

Awesome recording! Very beautiful and well sung. A nice sense of ease … everything sounds very polished, vocally, musically, everything.
Congratulations on a great job.
~~ Michael Mayer, Vocal Wisdom