Sacred Song Circle Workshop

Heal your life with your voice.  Singing is a beautiful expression of one’s inmost center.  Whether you have lots of musical experience or have never used your voice for song before, Kimberly will skillfully guide you into beautiful new territory where you will learn to freely express your inner song. 

If you are a singer or have studied before, Kimberly will take you to new levels of understanding and freedom with your instrument.


I facilitate or co-facilitate many life cycle events, including marriage ceremonies, funerals, baby namings and Bar/Bat Mitzvot. I can help you create your own unique life cycle events for the moments in life that are gateways into new ways of being: marriage, divorce, pregnancy, childbirth, birthdays, retirement, moving to a new town or home, relationship transition, etc… I will create sacred space and provide a beautiful blending of music, appropriate liturgy, poetry and writings, to beautifully express the heart of the given event.If you are in need of a skilled life-cycle facilitator or are looking for a cantorial soloist for any occasion, please contact me. I am more than happy to be of service in any way I can.

I am a Singer-songwriter and performer, Cantorial Soloist serving Congregation Ahavat Torah in Brentwood, CA, a Voice instructor, Jewish worship leader, and Ritualist bringing beautiful and inspiring Sacred music to special occasions.

Whether I am performing in concert, doing a workshop, creating a sacred life cycle event for you, serving on the Bimah at Ahavat Torah, singing for a bride and groom on their wedding day, or chanting Jewish liturgy during a funeral service, it is my intention (referred to as “kavannah” in Hebrew) to do what I can to assist those I serve to see and experience the light, love, and magic within themselves and all of Life.

It is the spark in my soul, and the souls of all those I serve, that I want to kindle to a bright flame of love with my music . It always my intention to be of impeccable service, using the gifts I’ve been given to touch people in positive, life-affirming ways.