May 2016

Save the Date

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Hi everyone!
Another month has passed in record speed!

Much has happened, as usual!

I will be singing June 18 at Bhakti Yoga Shala to ring in the Summer Solstice with Neil Martin and Kalakar!
Please come out and play 🙂

Summer Solstice at BYS in Santa Monica June 18, 2016

On to album news!
Wanting it to be as perfect a reflection of my vision as possible, I decided to push from a spring release to a summer release.  This helped me breathe and stop panicking.
The street release date is AUGUST 19!  We have a date folks 🙂

With that decision things loosened up and everything fell perfectly into place, along with some great surprises too!

As I mentioned before, we already have both physical and digital distribution, which in itself is awesome!
We also now have a radio promotion scheduled for July/August!
I’m now working with an awesome creative marketing strategist, Suzanne Doucet, who is helping direct this ship of dreams.  She has mad skills (developed over 30 years in the business) and also really believes in the project.

I FINALLY found the right graphic artist to design the album!
Phew!  (Thanks to John and Joni for totally hooking me up).

We have final mixes on all but the last two tunes!!!  THIS IS BIG!
George the genius, along with Vito, made it seem effortless.
Thanks you guys!  Really sounds awesome!

So, with only about 15 days left to finalize all the music before it “goes to print” and is digitally released to all of you, we are listening, listening…. and listening some more to be sure we have done everything we can to make it amazing 🙂
Oh, and while also still creating and finishing up the final two tracks!!!! Yikes!
Nothing like a deadline!!

In any case, you can expect your digital copies by the end of June!
Those of you expecting physical CD’s, I should have them on their way to you in July.

In other exciting album news: 15 copies of a pre-release version of the album (minus the final two songs I’m currently finishing up) is off to France!  Suzanne Doucet is hand carrying them into MIDEM (billed as the leading international business event for the music ecosystem) for international distribution!  Woo-hoo!

Here the magic elves helped me package the materials for shipping 🙂

Meantime, here’s a little clip from the Sound Dome at ShaktFest this year. I was thrilled to have been invited to perform at my first festival in both the Sound Dome and also on the main stage!  AND also secured an invitation for BhaktiFest in September.  Summer in the desert….. fun…..  so for those of you willing to brave the furnace, I will have reduced price tickets available

Summer is right around the corner folks!  Happy Summer Solstice 🙂

Thank you so much for being a part of this defining chapter of my book of life!
Can’t wait to share the finished product 🙂

Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

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