Feb 2016

Now on Pandora!!!

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Howdy everyone!

This train I’m on is running on its own steam and really moving!

I’m just riding along, looking out the window in amazement!

THIS was the view this morning!!



On the other side of a week of GRAMMY parties, this was pretty cool!

You know…. I was just planning on making a little album for the sake of  doing of it….

but it seems it might be going a bit farther out than Casa Carmelina!  LOL!!  I’m really thrilled!

Please celebrate with me by going to Pandora to:

  • listen

  • like

  • share/publish/buy

LIKING is very important for the song to get traction.



Type in my name or “Light Of My Soul”, listen, when the song comes up, click the thumbs up.


****Meanwhile, back in the studio****

we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

8 of 10 songs are fully fleshed out and nearing the mixing stage.  Two more are in development with a clear idea of direction.

I’m having so much fun creating and I really am feeling excited about sharing the work with you all.

I’m super proud of what i’m hearing back.

as captain of the ship, vito gregoli, is calling in amazing talent and using his mad skills at the board.  in these last three weeks since the last update, we’ve shared the studio with some amazing contributors to the album:

Jesus Florido, virtuoso violinist, came in and blew the roof off my song ‘Navigating’!

i’m totally wow-ed with the song at this point.

remembering back to those quiet moments alone when i wrote it out of the depths of my own becoming….

its a pretty amazing experience to hear it now, i’ll tell ya!

Check out this video!


Ryan Martin, my dear friend and super talented soul, came in with some sweet sounds on a song that is also very close to my heart.

Well, let’s face it…. they all are! LOL



Multi-talented Mistress of the hang drum, made heavenly sounds on a song that is meant to be a magic carpet ride to center of your heart 🙂

She rocked it and i’m totally loving the vibe.


Ken Stacey!!!

Super fun times with Ken yesterday in his studio as he layed down some gorgeous vocals for us!

You have heard his dulcet tones from his days with Ambrosia, Michael Jackson, Elton John, to name just a few   😉

He made it all so easy and seamless.

Really excited to get it all layed out with the lead vocal.

it truly is amazing to be working with talent of the caliber of these folks.  I’m in awe and gratitude – and just so happy to be working on my OWN life and projects.  It’s been a long time coming for me to take the driver’s seat….  it’s def a little scary, but I recognize that there is no other way at this point.  And, the unseen world seems to be showing great support as everything flows along so effortlessly 🙂 the obstacles have been few and far between.

In other news!  YOu may remember I mentioned in the last blog that I had been invited to co-write a song and then make the video with a powerhouse group of folks!  More on that soon, but here’s a fun pic from the shoot:

So!!  That’s a wrap for today!  Thanks for checking in 🙂

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