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Happy New Year!

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Hi Everyone!
At the end of 2015, we are counting our blessings!
So much great stuff has happened, but the greatest is that Brian has been given a clean bill of health after two years of successful treatment for secondary liver melanoma.
This is a great miracle, indeed.
Two years ago, to say the future looked grim, is an understatement.
Today, life has returned to normal and we are thriving in health and familial love.
Personally, I am reaching goals I never dared to dream.  Many angels have carried me here, and new ones keep coming in, guiding the way.
I’m exhilerated by the projects I have simmering away for 2016 including:
The release of my album, Light of My Soul, this Spring
A second CD of medicine songs – YES!  A 2nd CD!
Creating and holding my first ever Circle of Sisters weekend retreat
(please find information about this on the events page of my website);
AND there may also be a book in the works that I have been wanting to write for quite a long time!
So much to look forward to!
As we go through the portal of 2015 to 2016 tonight, I offer a prayer for us all:
May we each live our lives as a prayer, walking gently through each day, mining the peace within so that the fragrance of peace permeates ourselves and all those in our circle, reaching out further and further until we have made a new world for those yet to come.
May it be so!

“Light Of My Soul,” worldwide video premiere SUNDAY NOON, PCT

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Please join me for the worldwide premiere of my very first video from the newly released single, “Light Of My Soul.”

When: Sunday, December 20, 2015 NOON

Where: in the comfort of your own home or where ever you might be!

This first release is a song that is probably the most personal of all I have written to date.

It is born of a time when I was digging deep to save myself from a fate worse than death, really.

So, I am sending it out to you now with blessings that you will also feel the magic I felt when my life totally turned around.

It will be really special if we are all watching together at noon on Saturday, whereever you might be, and put up your comments, where I will be actively responding.

Fun, right?

I’m so excited to share this with all of you. It was such a joy to make.

Special thanks:

Fabulous, wonderful Director, Chris Cairns: thank you so much for you expertise and patience.

Executive Producer, Emiko Carlin: your guidance was invaluable and so appreciated.

Producer, Vito Gregoli: your tireless commitment to this ongoing project is appreciated more than words can say.

My family has been the bedrock foundation for all this, so my gratitude is boundless and forever.

To all of you who have supported me in this project, my gratitude is deep and unwavering.

Without your support, it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Thank you so much.

OH!  And stay tuned next week for more big news!LOMS-singing

The 58th Grammys

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Another week of fun and games here!

Thanksgiving was lovely, filled with friends and family, laughter and fun.  

We enjoyed some downtime with the kiddos and went to see the annual Santa Monica Westside Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker.  

Since it wasn’t video game related, we were hard pressed to elicit any enthusiasm from the boys…. sigh.  

I will keep trying to feed in some culture tho….  Brian and I and our mom loved it!  LOL


Plus a fun pic of the boys!  Autumn in LA! LOL


On Sunday, I jumped back into album production, starting with a super cool session with percussionist Christo Pellani.
Such a joy to work with Christo!
Then, I had one day at the mixing board with Vito before we launched into prep for shooting my first ever music video!!
Last Wednesday and Thursday, I went WAY outside my comfort zone with Chris Cairn directing and filming LOMS, the video!
Thank you Chris, Vito, Emiko, Joni, and Laura for making it all go off so incredibly smooth, and making me feel so at ease.
For the first time ever, I didn’t freeze in front of the camera!  LOL
In fact, I truly enjoyed the experience and really can’t wait to see the director’s cut 😉
Chris’ deep knowledge of lighting and framing, and his creative style made even the raw footage look amazing.
Vito was an attentive executive producer, adding lots of creative ideas to the production.
Here’s a raw shot, compliments of Vito’s excellent photo journalism 😉


Now…. we wait for the call from Chris for a viewing.  

In exactly a week, LOMS will drop into iTunes as a single for purchase, plus a super high quality music video as a calling card!

I never set out to do all this…. it has just rolled in like a beautiful wave, inviting me in….. so, hey, why not?  hehehe

In the midst of all this, I received in the mail my first ever invitation to The Grammys.  

Having been invited to add vocals to two CD’s that are up for nominations, I guess I qualified as a member…. crazy!